Sponsor - PayPal + Braintree

We’re pleased to present you the second of our sponsors for BarCamp London X: the Developer Relations team at PayPal + Braintree.

The team at PayPal + Braintree are very happy to be sponsoring and attending BarCamp London X. Their team is both lending us Cristiano, one of our organizers, and sponsoring the Saturday party. They’re really looking forward to attend as for some of them it will be their first BarCamp. Follow them on @paypaldev and please make sure to have a drink with them at the party.

PayPal acquired the Chicago based Braintree in 2013 and since then has ramped up their integration and launched their v.zero SDK. This new product allows for integrating both PayPal and credit cards with one simple drop-in, and at the same time allows for seamless integration into the mobile PayPal app with the new One Touch technology.

If you want to know more then come and find Cristiano, George, Gino and Myrsini at BarCamp or sign up for their legendary BattleHack London on October 11/12.

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